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Kelsy Oldham Memorial Scholarship

Kelsy Oldham was a 13 year old talented runner and good student who was tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident on her way to compete in the Junior National Olympics in 1997. In her memory two (2) annual $1,000.00 scholarships have been established, one to a Senior female student and one to a Senior male student. Those eligible are mid Willamette Valley High School Seniors who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in academics, leadership, and running. These individuals should be a team player who has participated in either cross-country, track and field, or in a running related activity. They should demonstrate a positive attitude, perseverance, be a motivator, and have good attendance at their running activities and school.

1. Scholarships will be awarded to both a male and female worthy graduating senior who plans to attend a two or four-year school of Higher Education.

2. The applicant must meet the minimum academic requirements for college/university admission. Include the most current academic transcript.

3. The applicant shall submit a typed and signed, essay, which includes the following:

a) Description of extra-curricular community services activities;

b) A narrative of desired educational institution, career aspirations, degree sought, and future plans;

c) Brief personal assessment of weaknesses and strengths;

d) Family information (including justification for financial assistance).

4. Include three letters of reference. These shall be typed or legibly written, signed, and must accompany your application. One reference shall be from a high school teacher, one reference from the individual’s coach, and one reference shall be from another adult who shall be a non-school related person such as a pastor, scout leader, or individual who is not a family member.


5. On or before __DECEMBER 1st______ , please deliver the completed application and references to:

Kelsy Oldham Scholarship
c/o Willamette Valley Road Runners
PO Box 4002
Salem, OR 97302-1002

Questions: Ed Bender 503-362-7014 / kebender@msn.com.

The Kelsy Oldham Scholarship will be awarded during the Willamette Valley Road Runners Award Banquet in January.


Willamette Valley Road Runners

Kelsy Oldham Memorial Scholarship

Applicant Biographical Data

ATTATCH as the FIRST PAGE of the Scholarship Application Data as specified in #’s 2 thru 5 of the Scholarship Guidelines



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